Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lessons from a Three-Year Old

I had a revealing conversation with my youngest the other day. Monday night, a summer cold caught up with her, and she wasn't feeling too chipper. I had just read a devotion about responding to illness in children in which the author encouraged parents to pray continuously when their children are sick. With that in mind, every time I delivered juice or medicine or refilled a cheerio bowl, I said a quick prayer over my sick one. At one point on Tuesday, she asked why sometimes God makes us better in one minute and other times He takes lots of days. I did my best to explain sovereignty in toddler-terms and went on with my day, not giving the conversation much more thought. It's interesting to me what God uses to get His point across. 

Wednesday morning, my sweet pea came bouncing into my bathroom. "Mom, I'm feeling better! God decided to heal me. He decided it was a good idea to do it in one day!" The faith revealed in her announcement convicted me. It was evident that whether God chose to heal her after one day or seven, she still believed it was Him doing the healing. I realized that if God doesn't act within the time constraints I've given Him, I figure He's declined my request, that He's washed His hands of the situation and let "nature" take it's course. When I see the previous statement in black and white, I see how absurd and contrary to God's Word it is, and yet, somehow, deep in my subconscious, that's what I was thinking. I think this all relates to what Jesus was referring to when he spoke of child-like faith. My children believe God's Word, accept His love and goodness, and trust Him to answer their prayers without the questions, cynicism, and doubt that can too often jade us grown-ups. Oh to approach my relationship with God with the faith of a child.

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