Saturday, January 22, 2011

Designed to Dance

My youngest has an affinity for "sad music." From what I can gather, her definition of "sad music" is any song with a slow rhythm. So this week #2 offered to share a cd filled with songs sure to please #3. As the melody filled the living room, I glanced over to find my sweet one, arms spread and chin raised, twirling and swaying to the music. Her expression was pure delight as she uninhibitedly danced with her invisible partner. Watching the vignette made me think.

Several years ago I read Captivating by Stasi Eldridge. Thought-provoking little book. One of her points has remained with me. She explained that God created women with a need to be wooed and romanced. Ok, no surprise there. But here's the kicker ... He is the romancer. The Knight in shining armor desiring to sweep us off our feet. The Prince Charming asking for this dance. The Lover in the Song of Solomon calling His Beloved to come away with Him. The Bridegroom delighting in His bride.

See, I think that God designed us to dance through life on His arm, gazing into His eyes while the things around us dim because we're so focused on Him. To have that "crazy in love" daze about us because we're so taken with Him. To be so in tune to His lead, that we respond to the slightest touch on our back. Yes, God designed us to dance, but we'll only truly be satisfied when He is our partner. Anyone else will step on our toes!

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