Saturday, October 2, 2010

God and Mickey Mouse

Ever since returning from the Magic Kingdom, the events of our vacation have been at the forefront of my mind. The trip was full of fun memories, but what keeps coming to mind are all the little ways that God proved Himself faithful on our trip. And each time I consider His fingerprints, my awe increases.

The event that I can't shake seems insignificant. #1 got an autograph book early in our trip and was having a grand time getting autographs and photos with the characters. She'd collected quite a few but Mickey was allusive. And of course, Mickey was a big deal to her since, as she put it, "he's the Mouse who started it all!" Several times we stood in long lines only to be told after several minutes that Mickey was going on break. Day 5, our last day, we ran into Mickey and Woody at a show in California Adventure. It was unexpected, and I was sure it was divinely orchestrated. We had yet to visit the Toy Story characters that were a must-see. To have both Mickey and Woody in the same place was an answer to an unspoken prayer. We got a family pic with Woody and approached Mickey. We were the very next person in line when the cast member turned us away. My reaction wasn't very godly. My mama bear side wanted to shake Mickey's little friend and say "don't you know what we've been through and what this means to my kid????" I maintained some self-control, but I can't say that I completely hid my disappointment.

After getting turned away again, my husband told me I needed to tell #1 that she wouldn't get Mickey's autograph. We had only a couple hours left in the park. "It will be nothing short of a miracle if she gets it," he said. You need to prepare her. My heart sank.

#1 and I headed off on our own back to Disneyland, and I prayed as we walked. "God, she really wants this. It means a lot to her. Can you work it out?" Wouldn't you know that there by the "Moments with Lincoln" theater stood Mickey. I was thrilled, but knowing our track-record, was a little nervous about getting in line. Still, we excitedly jumped in line and waited. Each time a cast member looked at the time and evaluated the line I sent up another little prayer. But we made it. She got her photo with Mickey and his autograph. My husband's comment about a miracle Mickey meeting came to mind, and I mix of feelings assaulted me. I was beyond jubilant that we had just witnessed a miracle, small as it may have been, but I was incredibly humbled that God would honor that prayer considering my not-so-nice thoughts toward Mickey's keeper moments previously.

As I continue to dwell on this story, it amazes me that God cared about something as seemingly insignificant as Mickey Mouse's signature. And yet He repeatedly proved Himself faithful in the similarly small things on our trip. His fingerprints have reminded me that He wants to be involved in the details of our lives. When we are in our comfort zones it is easy to become self-reliant. I found myself out of my comfort zone (which in Disneyland happened to be a lack of handwashing before meals, eating themepark food for 5 days - I tend to be a bit of a food snob, no regular schedule for the kids, late bedtimes, etc) and I had no choice but to surrender things that at home seem so insignificant I would never consider the need to give them to Him.

Interestingly, my Bible lesson this morning was about surrender. It highlighted Matthew 11:28-31. How easy it is to forget that God invites (commands!) us to cast our cares on Him and promises rest in return. Nowhere does He state a magnitude requirement. He wants to carry the Mickey Mouse issues just as much as He does the life-altering events. And I've proven that when we give Him the Mickey Mouse issues, we see Mickey Mouse miracles.

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